Cracking Up

An original play written and directed by Barrie Smith

Portia Dubois is relaxing in the beautiful garden of her spacious house in leafy suburbia.  All is peace and quiet – until the arrival of a pair of door-to-door salesmen.  Clive is struggling to hold on to his job, while being hassled by Luke, his ambitious young boss.  For both of them, closing this sale is vital. Together, their nightmare sales pitch turns Portia’s tranquil afternoon into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse that ultimately threatens the very foundation of her lavish lifestyle.

Door Knocker-unsplash.jpg
Heading 5

Photo by Dim Hou on Unsplash


Portia Dubois: Frankie Lord

Clive Pettigrew: Andrew Stern

Luke: Ricky Streeter

Reverend: Margaret Smith

20 and 21 May 2022 at 8.00 pm

The Old Bakehouse Theatre

Blackheath Village, SE3 9LA

(entrace in Bennet Park)

Box Office: 020 8852 3258

Tickets: £15 (£12 concessions)