In common with all theatres, professional and non-professional, we have been disappointed and frustrated by our inability to stage live theatre productions in 2020.  Many theatres have found salvation by making available online performances.  These five original monologues are our modest attempt to keep the spirit of theatre alive until such time as we can all be together again in a theatre.  These one-person plays may not be proper theatre – as Alan Bennett, the master of the monologue, has observed, “Watching a monologue is closer to reading a short story than watching a play,” – but they do offer a degree of dramatic sustenance for both audiences and performers starved of live theatre.  So, we hope you enjoy these dramatic short stories, performed by members of the company.  Each of our five narrators remains perky and undefeated in the face of life’s setbacks and surprises – not a bad message for these troubling times.  Along with the whole theatre community, we look forward to welcoming you back to live theatre sometime in 2021.