November 1993 saw the first production of a new amateur theatre company, based in South-East London. The Capital Theatre Company staged Leo Tolstoy's dark masterpiece, The Power of Darkness, at Lewisham Theatre Studio.

Exercising considerable ingenuity in its choice and presentation of plays, the Company sought to make a virtue of its modest circumstances by eschewing lavish staging and placing the actor firmly at the centre of its productions. Bold play selection, imaginative presentation and first-rate acting are the Company's hall-marks.

Currently based at Mycenae House, Blackheath, two productions are rehearsed each year, providing extensive opportunities for acting, directing and stage management. These are presented in small studio spaces whose intimate surroundings allow the Company to play to its strengths.

The Company has an impressive track record of achievement and takes pride in its high standards, often maintained under adverse working conditions and with no financial support, relying only on subscriptions and box office revenue for its income. That's why your support for our work is so important to us. Without it, we could not continue.

Membership of he Company is open to anyone willing to commit themselves to high standards and a professional approach to their work. Whether you want to act or help backstage, we would like to hear from you. Please contact capitaltheatrecompany@supanet.com.